Are artificial lawns environmentally friendly?

Artificial Grass and the environment.

We often get asked if Artificial grass is good or bad for the environment. The truth is, it depends on the circumstances and several other factors. Here are a few pointers with a link to an article that will answer all of your questions and concerns.

Artificial Lawns environmental pro’s.

Artificial lawns don’t need to be watered like Grass lawns – thus saving a valuable resource (Water).

No power tools required – You don’t need to mow an artificial lawn – thus saving energy (fuel/electricity) and the energy used in the manufacture and ongoing use of such devices as Lawnmowers/Strimmers.

Artificial grass lawns are not toxic. Natural grass lawns get sprayed with chemicals – pesticide, weed killer, growth enhancer and the likes. These chemicals are harmful to the environment and Pets and can damage the environment in several different ways. The most significant risk is when these chemicals drain away and reach rivers and streams.

Artificial grass cons

Some types of artificial grass cannot be recycled and end up in landfills. Ask before you buy if this is a concern to you. However, bear in mind that good quality artificial grass lawns can last for up to 25 years (that’s a few lawn mowers and a lot of fuel saved, not to mention the cost.)

Please note – The Artificial Lawn company only sells and fits artificial grass lawns that are recyclable.

Artificial grass lawns don’t support insects and wildlife like real grass lawns. It’s true. However, you can balance the effect by bringing other plants and flowers into your garden. Because of the lack of maintenance needed, people often put their time into nurturing other plants and shrubs in their gardens.

As you can see, there are arguments on both sides for the eco-friendliness of artificial turf. The same goes for real grass too. We’d recommend basing your decision on your circumstances and needs.

If you’d like to read more about Artificial lawns and their eco-friendliness, please visit this page.