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Artificial Grass Lawn Design and Installation

Make your life easier in a demanding world. We can install a realistic artificial grass lawn for all year round use.


Artificial grass lawns for Homeowners.

Get the very best for you family.

Artificial Grass lawns for homeowners

A fast-moving society that demands more of our limited time leads us to looking for ways to improve our lifestyle, reduce stress and maximise comfort and convenience.  Many of our customers choose artificial grass because they’re sick of muddy footprints in the house, puddles in the garden and hours spent weeding. Some simply hate mowing the lawn and would rather do something else instead. An artificial lawn will reduce the need for a wide range of garden work and require minimal maintenance on an ongoing basis.

No mowing required.

Make your life easier with artificial turf

Others see the potential for it to be used in interesting and creative ways, allowing for bespoke leisure garden environments that offer fun for everyone, a poo patch for the dog, play areas for the children, a mini pitch and putt for dad to indulge his Golf passion. We’ve even installed artificial grass inside on both floors and walls to create different effects.

No more Winter mud.

Extend your usable living space..

Here in the UK, unpredictable weather and lots of rain means less time on a traditional real grass surface. For many months of the year your garden can’t be used like it can during the Summer months because of puddles, mud, and general sogginess. With an artificial grass lawn, you don’t have these hassles and the garden can be used all year round  – albeit with some warmer clothes on.  When it rains, your lawn is being cleaned by nature.

A range of artificial turf products

Less work, more time for fun.

  • No more mowing.
  • No more mud.
  • Safe and sound.
  • UV resistant.
  • Maintenance free.
  • All year use.