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How we install artificial turf

Everything you need to know.

We have many years of experience.

The artificial turf installation experts.

The Artificial Lawn Companies installation technicians have many years of experience. We provide artificial turf installation services for a wide range of uses and in an extensive range of different environments so we can identify potential complications in advance and plan to overcome them, ensuring a perfect result every time.

We have the right tools and knowledge.

We take great care and attention.

We’ve traveled this road many times before so we know how to install artificial turf to create a beautiful artificial lawn with the minimum of fuss or hassle. Installing a fake grass surface is a highly skilled process that requires experience, the right materials and tools, and an eye for detail. Preparation and surfacing are crucial factors in ensuring a perfect fit and long trouble-free lifespan.

Brought to you by the experts at the artificial lawn company.

Everything you need to know about how we install artificial turf lawns.

Our artificial turf installation process
  • Step 1 - Planning and preparation

    We remove a layer of top-soil which ranges from 2 inches to 11 inches, dependant on the needs of the installation environment. We remove any large stones or other obstacles and we carefully check pipes and other utility installation points before proceeding to the next stage.

  • Step 2 - Create a perfectly flat surface

    Our team now work to create a perfectly even surface on which the foundation will lie. It’s important to get the surface perfectly even at this stage to ensure layers applied on top are consistently smooth and even. We also create clear edging to the area where the turf will be installed.

  • Step 3 - Weed protection layer.

    To stop lumps and bumps appearing in the surface over time because of weeds growing below.  We cut, shape and apply shape and sheets of dense weed-prevention membrane onto the ground surface upon which your artificial grass lawn will be laid – keeping pesky weeds at bay and ensuring a continuously even surface.

  • Step 4 - Aggregate surface application.

    Now we apply an aggregate layer by laying rough sand, crushed stone or grit on top of the membrane. Its function is to provide a solid surface that provides excellent drainage allowing water to flow freely through and ensuring no puddles or surface water can exist.

  • a case study for an artificial grass lawn and large patio area in a new build garden in Motherwell, scotland but the artificial lawn company, Livingston, West Lothian.

    Step 5 - Make it smooth. Really smooth.

    Next, we apply a new layer of finer sand which is compacted, impressed and expertly leveled by our lawn technicians to create a level surface upon which we will lay the artificial grass surface.

  • Step 6 - Optional. Add shock absorbers.

    Artificial grass surfaces are quite shock-absorbent on their own but If you’ve chosen to lay artificial turf for a play area, for example, we can apply an additional layer of shock absorbing material directly underneath the artificial grass surface for extra safety.

  • Step 7 - We’re nearly there – quality control check.

    Before laying the artificial turf, we diligently check all of the surfaces and the edge of the install area. It’s only when we’re completely happy with all preparation work that we proceed to the final stages.

  • Step 8 - Laying and fixing the artificial grass surface.

    We now lay your chosen artificial grass product over the smooth surface we now have in place. Much like carpets, Artificial grass comes in rolls which are placed on the surface and cut where required to ensure a precise fit and seamless joins.

  • Step 9 - Final quality inspection.

    Last but not least a final inspection is completed by our most experienced fitter to ensure quality and standards. We don’t leave until you’re 100% satisfied with the installation. Our goals are that you’ll recommend to your friends and family so we aim to impress at all times.

Enjoy your artificial grass lawn.

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